What is Behave?

Our formula is a proprietary blend of micron sized ingredients, emulsified within a water base. The spray infuses within and around each hair strand, which helps to relax yet give support to each strand of hair. As it drys it forms a soft matrix between the individual hair platelets giving them support and memory.

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"I have long, thick, hard to manage hair. My hair is very damaged from years of using color and blow-drying. After using behave hair care products my hair has a healthy new look and incredible shine."

Suzanne DeLaurentiis
- Hollywood Producer

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More About Suzanne…

Suzanne DeLaurentiis: Known as the First Lady of the Movie Business, this most distinguished recipient has carried on a tradition of quality filmmaking that is synonymous with her very famous family name. Her strong emphasis on quality music as part of her movie productions makes her a true maverick in this most competitive field. A musician herself, Suzanne DeLaurentiis looks for music that has an impact on the viewing audience. This is her own signature element you will always find in all of her magnificent film projects. We are so very proud to present her with own Star from the Hollywood Walk of Fame for Lifetime Achievement for Music in Motion Pictures.

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