What is Behave?

Our formula is a proprietary blend of micron sized ingredients, emulsified within a water base. The spray infuses within and around each hair strand, which helps to relax yet give support to each strand of hair. As it drys it forms a soft matrix between the individual hair platelets giving them support and memory.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a recommended shampoo to be used with Behave?

Any quality shampoo will be completely compatible with Behave.


2. Does Behave offer a shampoo?

Currently we are in the process of creating a shampoo which will share many of the benefits of Behave spray.


3. Should i use a conditioner with Behave?

It is not necessary . In fact, it is recommeneded conditioner not be used for best results. Behave infuses into the hair strand best when it is clean.


4. Is Behave hypo-allergenic?

Yes it is. Behave contains only natural ingredients which has never resulted in an allergic response from any user to our knowledege. We will be introducing a completely scent free spray in the near future as well.


5. Can Behave be used by men?

Yes. Behave spray works just as well on male hair as on womens hair. Children’s hair looks great with Behave as well!


6. What is flex hold technology?

The ability for Behave treated hair to hold a style and still have a natural bounce that is never stiff. A surprisingly simple concept that is surprisingly difficult to put into practice.


7. Will Behave affect the color of my hair?

No. Here are the benefits of Behave in color treated hair. – The color will stay longer. – Brings back a shiny luster to color if faded.


8. Will I get build up if I apply another coat of behave over the original?

Not at all. Although it is not necessary to apply many multiple coats of Behave, it will never cause a build up in your hair.


9. Should I use a stylist to apply Behave?

Because it is so easy to use, anybody can apply it easily into the hair. A stylist may be used bit is not necessary.


10. Does Behave Hair products perform any animal testing?

Absolutely not.


11. Is heat styling necessary with Behave?

Behave works very well with straightening and curling irons. In fact, less heat is required with Behave to apply the desired set. Heat is not necessary for Behave to work. Simply spraying into hair, brushing hair and letting it dry works fantastically.


12. My hair seems to break easily. Can Behave help?

Yes it can. Behave helps to prevent breakage and damage of the hair strand. Many women enjoy much longer hair with Behave.


13. Can I pack Behave with my carry on luggage for airlines?

Yes. The 2oz bottle of Behave safetly passes under the maximun allowable liquid bottle restriction.


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